Saturday, 30 June 2018

The Growth of Digital Marketing Industry in India

With the growing internet population, the importance of digital marketing has become stronger in all kinds of organizations. When you build your business with so much hard work and enthusiasm then you obviously need to market it wholeheartedly, but to the right audience i.e. your target audience.

Digital Marketing is not only an asset for startup businesses, relatively new companies, midsize companies, established firms, but also for those who wish to revive their old businesses. Reviving an old business means creating that same level of buzz that your business once generated. Yes! Good strategies and accurate marketing can go a long way in reviving your business.

                                           Did you know?

Blogs have 63% more influence over purchasing decisions than the newspapers (This indicates the dominance of digital marketing companies in India over traditional marketing agencies).

The main reason why companies adopt digital marketing is because it's result-oriented. You get a detailed report of every penny spent of yours, web traffic statistics, pay-per-click, number of leads generated, etc. You can always review your stats and revisit and modify your digital strategies which are kind of difficult and budget consuming in traditional marketing. Social media marketing depends heavily upon strategic planning and is best to leave with hands of experts. (For eg. strategic experts in digital marketing companies in Mumbai.

Today, influencer marketing is one form of digital marketing that independent marketers or sometimes hired by a digital marketing company in India absolutely love to invest their time in. YouTubers, Bloggers, online reviewers, social media influencers all present you with content that plays a big role in influencing you to buy a product or avail a particular service.    
                                 Emotion Drives Attention   

All of us have felt that ‘’there isn’t enough time in a day’’ to complete those tasks we are faced with, let alone time to invest on social networking sites, but a high on emotion marketing idea can definitely drive people’s attention. For eg: Canon's it's okay to be, a Facebook video campaign executed by a digital marketing company in Mumbai reminds parents and children that it is okay to be emotional and express their true feelings even if it made a few people uncomfortable. This campaign hit the right chord and indirectly persuaded people to share that video on social media. Healthy amount of shares on social platform are any time greater than paid likes because it indicates that your campaign has reached the right audience.

With the digital marketing growing at a good pace, it is the best time to be a part of this industry.                                                            

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Saturday, 14 January 2017

Why Should You Hire a Creative Digital Agency for Brand Promotion?

Soon after the invention of Radio and following its entrance into the public domain in the early 1990’s, many wondered if we would still read Newspapers and Books. The concern was real but it did not last for long. The introduction of Television or TV, as we call it today, revolutionized the way people consumed information. “TV killed the Radio Star” was a popular catchphrase at that time that tried to capture the emotions of a generation that grew up listening to only Radio; a generation that seldom worried about how their favourite singers, speakers or hosts looked or behaved in real life.

Television has enjoyed a long run in the public domain, and it still continues to do so; although, the evolution hasn’t stopped. It’s a powerful medium which still dominates the imagination of the masses and every Advertising Company in the country, but so do Radio and Newspapers. One medium which has had not such a long and illustrious history is – the Internet. Since its inception in the early 1980’s and its ingress into the mainstream, the Internet has grown and grown. Today, India’s witnessing an unprecedented growth and penetration of Internet technology.

Just like Newspaper, Radio, TV, and other influential mass communication mediums, the Internet too attracts a sizeable amount of advertisers who are most times armed with a top-of-the-line Creative Ad Agency, and why not? Today, every third person in India owns a Smartphone that is smarter than a computer equipped with the capacity to handle fourth generation internet speeds which also. Targeted communication is a not a distant possibility, it is a reality today. With Web Designing and Development at their peak, the future of advertising is truly here.

If you have the perfect product in your hand then all you need is to find a proficient Advertising Company to take your product and bring it to the forefront of the digital world. You need a Creative Ad Agency that can break the clutter and make your product the superstar. For a spectrum of digital advertising services that include web development services, I suggest you should go with a Full-Service Ad Agency in Mumbai.  Digital Design Agency would also offer you unique design & communication solutions to increase your brand’s visual appeal.